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30 years later

Svanbeck's Rabbit-Site (now with Guestbook)

A place where ex.rabbits from the Navy ( who are missing " The smell of bacon" ) can meet and reunify

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Hello all you ex.rabbits from the Swedish Navy. My name is Christer Svanbeck and I live in Solleftea Angermanland Sweden. Nowadays I'm a productionengineer at Graninge Between 1965 and 1974 I was in the Swedish Navy


I have searched a long time on the net for a place for us old "Rabbits" . We all have certain memories from the Navy time and the time in Karlskrona. That was a wonderful time, at Flamingo Club, The Rainbow, Almas,"The smell of bacon", The Wamopark, Frimus, Stadt, and old Knuttes Bar. I didn't find that kind of site. That's why I have made this one. This is so to say a start anyway. I will try to make it better all the time. Now I have provide it with a Guestbook, that's a perfect place where we can write messages that we all can read. But I hope that all who thinks this is a good idea take contact with me so I can make some kind of register where we can look for adresses etc. Let's start.

Says Christer in Solleftea

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HMS Halland was a mighty destroyer.

HMS Gotland

Is this the future ? YS 2000 (I picked this from "Jane's)"

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There is about 130 "rabbits" in the register now.

Sollefteå den 31/7 -97 CS.